Keeping Pace at Royal Palm

Royal Palm Country Club’s pace-of-play is 3 hours and 57 minutes for an 18-hole round of golf.  Pace of play for all groups will be monitored.  When rangers are on duty, they are acting on behalf of the guidelines set forth by the Golf Committee.  Their requests to keep the pace moving are to be honored at all times.
It is recognized that common golf courtesy requires allowing faster players to play through if the hole ahead is open.  Should your group lose its proper position, you will be notified by the ranger or a golf staff member of the situation and will have two holes to catch up.  If after two holes your group is still out of position, it will be asked to skip a hole or holes to correct the pace situation. 
Following are “out-of-position” guidelines:
Par 3 – the group ahead has left the next tee box.
Par 4 – the entire hole is open when arriving at the tee box.
Par 5 – the group ahead is on the green when arriving at the tee box.
These guidelines are in place so that all golfers enjoy their round at Royal Palm Country Club.